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Indy grew up studying music since she was 6 years old in Musical School. She completed her professional education 15 years later in the National School of Art in Cuba.


Indy was performed for 5 years as the primary group of the world famous Bodeguita de Medio. Played for the embassies and presidents of almost all countries with a presence in or visiting Cuba. Appeared in the final episode of Showtime’s House of Lies. The group made three trips to the US to play music festivals, record music, and appear on US television stations TeleMundo Tampa and MundoFOX Tampa as well as Radio appearances. Also recorded 2 CD’s and made frequent television appearances in Cuba. She also played and managed the only professional, all flute Camarata in all of Latin America, created by the famous flutist Jose Luis Cortes “El Tosco” and directed by the experience of Tony Pedroso. Appeared on television programs: La Descarga, 23 y M, El Termometro, A Todo Jazz, and performed multiple concerts in La Basilica de San Fransisco de Asis and other venues.
Kevin King


He was born in Havana, where start to study in the school of music Alejandro G Caturla since he was 6 years old. He finished his professional studies in the National School of Art. He was inspired to play by his parents that always love the music and today he see inspiration in Yanni, Formel, Michael Jackson.

Leonardo Guerra


Leo studied in the school of art in Cuba and feels that music is the most beautiful way to express freedom and strength. Inspired by musicians such as Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Sting, MC Carney, and Alain Perez he has a passion for the bass. Leo feels that the bass, like drums, can set the rhythm of the moment like a heart beat, but can squeeze your chest unlike any another instrument.